500 GB External Hard Drive

OK, I admit it, I’m a gadget person. Can’t have enough of them, but my pocketbook does put limits on it, so am not out of control.

A couple years ago, bought a 160 GB HD for my daughter, a year later, a 320 GB HD for my son, and last year a 500 GB HD for myself. They all cost the same. Funny how the price of these things goes down so fast.

I use that 500 GB Hard Drive for work related things. Put all sorts of utilities, isos, backups, etc. that I may need while going to a client site.. especially helpful when the Internet connection is not the best to download these things. I think it’s really cool to have all this “stuff” in such a small container. Even bought a case for it, so if I drop it (which I have), it doesn’t break. This is one of the most useful items I’ve had in the tech arena and it’s really not a complicated item….my husband thinks I love it more than him and told him that sometimes it might be true :-).

Not sure why I’m so enthralled with this, but I am….. those little netbooks are running a close second at the moment. And if I were an Apple person, I might consider the iPad, but not till next generation.


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